We want to reconstruct the future.

We connect young people around the world to make universal primary education possible. We gave over 5,000 children access to education, have organized events in over ten countries, and were invited to the UN General Assembly 2018.

Connecting Interactors Worldwide.

Initiative Interchange is a platform that helps members of the Rotary youth organization Interact from all around the world connect with one another. Our goals are developing friendships as well as organizing get-togethers to foster international cooperation.

One Common Goal.

We want our cooperation to make a lasting impact. To this end, every single donation received by the Interact Clubs partaking in our network is used to build towards one shared goal: primary school education for everyone.
Together, we aim to raise a total of €1,000,000.- for the construction of schools – a sum that will enbale us to provide 200,000 children with access to the basic human right of education.