How an Austrian Rotary Club’s donation will improve the lives of 1.400 children

Vienna. The Rotarians of “Rotary Club Wien Hofburg” in Vienna, Austria recently became one of the first Clubs to fund an entire school in Syria.

The generous donation of 7.000 EUR will be used to rebuild schools in Syria, making it possible for 1.400 children to receive an education. This will provide them with the necessary tools to help them to build a better future for themselves.

The Austrian Interactors Marlene and Caroline were invited to one of the Club’s weekly meetings, giving them a chance to gift the president with an official Interchange Ambassador Partnership certificate. We’re so proud to see Rotarians putting this enormous amount of trust in Interchange and we can’t wait to see this relationship deepening further.

Sadly, the help of Rotarians and everyone else is still desperately needed. Over 13 million Syrians, more than half the population, are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Of these people, a shocking 5,6 million are children.